RANT – Hidden Vegetables

Let’s hide servings of vegetable in sugary drinks and other junk foods.

I am not sure where this started.  But it is STUPID.   We wonder why childhood obesity is rising at record rates.  We wonder why children can identify what a french fry is and not a potato.  We wonder why kids love strawberry splash drinks but hate actual strawberries. REALLY?

Vegetable are GOOD FOR YOU.  If you eat them growing up, you will most likely continue to eat them as an adult.  Yes, kids do not like to “eat their vegetable”.  TUFF.  As a kid I had to sit at the table until I did.  Sometimes I sat at the dinner table by myself for an hour after dinner until I realized that I was not going to win and I would stomach down the cauliflower.  It boggles my mind that people can think that this is remotely healthy.

Bottom line.  Eat.your.vegetables. — real ones.

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